Question driven Learning


In question-driven learning teachers take student questions seriously. Students are given the opportunity to ask, investigate and answer self-formulated learning questions. Students’ learning questions are the driving force in the curriculum and offer the students opportunities to explore, research and better understand the different aspects of the learning material. Of course, teacher have an important role in supporting and scaffolding the questioning and answering process.


Question-driven learning offers opportunities for students to self-explore their own interests, to practice cognitive and metacognitive skills, and to strengthen their own investigative capacity. Pupils who are adequately supported to ask, research, and answer their own learning questions and share the results with classmates, are often highly motivated and learn not only the required subject matter but also a wide range of other skills.


Question-driven learning is a challenging form of education for all involved. Teachers will have to design, guide and evaluate their teaching in different ways, than just transferring textbook- content. Students must learn how to express their interests in learning questions that are relevant, researchable and have learning value. Based on this idea, we have developed the scenario for the guidance of question-driven learning for and by teachers. The “scenario” tab contains the practical steps for teacher guidance for use in the classroom. The “research” tab contains the substantiation of the scenario in the form of scientific articles, journal articles, teacher-student research, tools and other relevant publications.